Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The bright side of marking...

As you can imagine, marking loses it's charm pretty quickly. Everyone once in a while though, a comment will appear in a test or paper that will make your day and make you almost happy that you have so much marking to do.

The students were asked to evaluate the novel "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". The evaluations were generally positive, though one student in particular made it quite clear that he did not enjoy the book. "I didn't like the book. It is the type of book that my mom would read."

Then there is the student who has nothing more to say, but wants to fill the paper. On a Church History test, students were asked to write about the character of Queen Elizabeth I and the impact she had on the victory over the Spanish Armada. One student wrote: "Elizabeth was a great queen. She had the body of a women, but the heart of a king. Also, she would be the type of person that would make a great soccer coach." Yes, I can just imagine Elizabeth I on the sideline of a soccer field urging her young 'timbits' on. "Vanquish the enemy! Put them to the sword! Though you have bodies of weak children, you have the heart of David Beckham!"

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